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June 06, 2013


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Great information - thanks for posting this.

Tammy ellis

We just had this same lecture a few months back and then a more recent one about a week ago. LOVE LOVE LOVE these seminars these Vet Specialists are putting on! We also had the Eye Care for Animals vet speak at the same seminar. Love learning from them!


I agree 100%, on no pulling hair! It makes a huge difference when you leave well enough ALONE!



Sorry Barb about the above facebook url. I was trying to figure out how I could post this on my facebook page. Are you able to remove the post from your end?


While I do agree that your average dog doesn't need the ear hair plucked, I have reservations on SOME dogs. For example, I have a standard poodle who grows so much ear hair that if left alone, it completely occludes the ear canal! I can "snip" out some with a scissors... but that just takes care of the surface hair. I can tell when she needs her ears plucked, as she CAN'T HEAR when they are getting full. EVEN if I have snipped some away. I have to pluck out most of it before she can hear normally again. I don't obsess over getting every last hair, but I feel I need to continue plucking her ears. I also think it makes a difference as to if the hair comes out easily... she seems to LOVE it when I pluck her ears! She stands sooo good for it. :)

My other poodles get minimal hair, so I don't bother with theirs. Just use the corner of the trimmer or scissors to clip away the extra.


There are exceptions to every rule. The veterinary specialist was trying to tell us that we need to back off the ear plucking. She was saying that plucking the hairs (can) predispose ear infections. It is up to us to weigh this information with specific cases.

Susan kinser

Love the article just wish I could get the vets in my area to read it. I determine plucking on a dog to dog basis. Most don't require it but a few have packed ears and must have some removed. However it never fails if a dog develops an infection the owners return from the vets with instruction for me to pluck the ear hair. I've been able to educate many of my clients with this article but many insist because I get every hair because that's what their vet said.

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