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  • Emily Rupe began her career in corporate America. After several years, she decided to take the plunge into mobile grooming; driving her rig “Ms. Daisy” all over the greater Orlando area for almost 3 years. However, the when the opportunity arose to work at a dog spa with a former mentor, it simply could not be ignored. When Emily is not grooming, she’s pursuing her other passion; writing. A finalist in the Driven to Groom essay contest; she is also the author of Bathroom Trivia for the Mobile Pet Groomer. However, she is best known for her comical chronicling of her personal mishaps and misadventures while grooming in a featured series of articles titled “Driving Ms Daisy” in Groomer to Groomer magazine. Emily was also a Barkliegh honors nominee in 2011 for Up and Coming Speaker and in 2012 for Blog of the year.

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