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  • Hi! My name is Kim West. I'm a Graduate of the New York School Of Dog Grooming (Nov. 1984) and National Certified Master Groomer through NDGAA. I have been in dogs since the age of 12 with my first Am. Cocker Spaniel. At 17, I attended Pensacola Fl. Junior College and graduated from their Veterinary Assistant program in June of 1984. Passion for pets is a lifelong and rewarding journey. I have competed in grooming competitions nationally since 1994 accumulating over 50 placements, some of which include, Gold Medal Poodles 1999 Intergroom, Handstrip Terrier Silver Medal 2001 Intergroom, Wahl Artistic Innovations Grand Champion, Best in Show Div. B 1998 Gateway to the West, Best in Show Div. A Gateway To The West 1999. I was also nominated for the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Grooming Contest Judge of the Year 2008. Currently I show my Standard Poodle and share my home with three wild and crazy Miniature Schnauzers. I have three children and one grandchild all of whom I love with all my heart. I love to teach others the art of pet styling, and share the information that others have graciously shared with me over the years. I believe in paying it forward.

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A touching insightful post. Thanks for bringing to light the ‘other’ services groomers provide. A kind and gentle hand for a pet in need of love.

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