Cleanup duties

I recently purchased a used, damaged Prima bathing system online. I knew it needed a pump (easy, fast fix) but I had Zero idea it had never been cleaned and had been stored sealed and wet. That makes for a nasty nasty mess in case you didn't know. Black mold, mildew, was terribly difficult to clean. Just think about the shampoo contamination THAT can cause!!



Which is why we break down both wash tanks every Saturday.  We wash them out, rinse hoses and drain them, and then wipe them dry, leaving them open to completely dry out over the weekend. This makes for a more prolonged setup when we return to work on Tuesday (or Mondays on occasion)but oh so worth it!



We also clean all dryer filters, the air conditioner filters, snapon combs and all blades. 


The key to a healthy, clean salon is a good cleaning regimine right down to the walls. We do those weekly as well. The tub gets scrubbed daily, trashcans weekly. 

It's the little things like that which make us stand apart from everyone and keeps the shop clean and fresh. 

Set up a good cleaning regimen and assign duties to individuals making sure they're done using checklists if needed!  When you only have a little bit of clean up to do the whole days a lot easier than when you have it all to do at one time.


Too much "noise"



Yes, that is what I said. Too much noise. Now, based on this blogs last few posts I am sure you think "OH she is going to talk hearing protection!" but not today. MAYBE next week ut not this week.

The NOISE I am talking about right now is information overload. 


When I was learning to groom the internet was a vastly different place than it is now and we always had to take classes with people we felt knew what they were doing or HOPE they did anyway! Nowadays there is so much information at the tips of our fingers! EVERYWHERE you look there are blogs, video channels, facebook groups, online forums...but is it TOO MUCH NOISE?

I was talking to a friend of mine last night on messenger and she said " I used to be able to set some angles on any dog I was given and today I cannot seem to get it right to save my life!" She went on to say "I watch every video, go to every seminar, every class and look through hundreds of photos a day and I am still failing". 

I told her she had too many influences. 

My advice to her, and you, is choose whom you listen to carefully. Make sure they line up with your style. You understand them. They make sense to YOU. Stick with one of two people who match up stylistically and who make sense to you. Not everyone grooms the same way. Not everyone is a good teacher. Not every teaching style is good for every student.

I told her to stick with the ones she had found most helpful. Find ONE PHOTO of what she is striving to achieve on her toy poodle and paste it to her phone, her wall, her tackbox. CONCENTRATE on one thing. Not all the outside noise. Turn off YouTube. Stop doing every class you can and focus on one or two instructors and try to get it "right". 

Sometimes when you open up yourself to too much information it only becomes noise and you have no idea what you are hearing not to mention it is really hard to apply so many different techniques in one little toy poodle...

Filter out the noise. Then it becomes easier to find the truth as it applies to your grooming (and life in general).