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May Pet Of The Month

Well, imagine that! It's still May and I am already posting the May Pet! I have been lax in posting timely pictures lately, but I am trying to get better.

This month  is a bit different for me because I am doing two different dogs at once. They all have really different heads for their types and I wanted to share that with you.

Here is "Jonah" Countryman:


He is a Peke-poo and has a wonderfully plush coat. His dad brought him in this morning and asked that we just take a tiny bit off the body. He had a rather typical round head like most of use tend to do on a Shih-tzu or similarly shaped dog. He didn't like that style and asked that we cut the top of the head flat. With a little further discussion we decided to leave eyebrows and I decided to leave a bit of a beard rather than a full face on him.


I did the body with the Speed Feed clipper (it its truly my favorite clipper of all times) with the 9mm snap on comb on his body and the 12mm in his legs, blending well with shears. This took off just a small amount of hair, mostly what was out of line with the main length already on the puppy. The body is pretty much a standard clip for my salon. We do a lot of those Teddy Bear type trims here. What made this groom special was the head. I LOVE this head!


I used a 3mm snap on with the Speed for his throat and cheeks, clipping in reverse. I made my lines similar to a schnauzer. The lines are very similar. The main difference was that I shaved the ears with the 3mm also instead of taking it down with a ten like I would on a schnauzer. In other words, I left them slightly fuzzy.

I also took the 3mm down his throat floating off into the chest. Most dogs of this type are blessed with cowlicks on their chests leaving nice bald spots when clipped too close. By using the Speed with the 12mm  comb, and skimming over that area I can avoid showing those. I use my thinners to shape that area after clipping it with the Speed.

This is "Scooter" Truman, a Pom-Shih-tzu mix.


When this photo was taken we left the fringe on his ears untouched. We use thinners down his nose all the way and shape it into the muzzle. The head is treated as if it was a seperate piece from the ears. It is done with curved shears, making it round. Because he has such a soft coat I have a hard time getting him smooth, but using the Speed snapons makes it easier than it was when I was trying to use a blade. I follow up with thinners to smooth it out.  Here hs is from the side and again with his ears trimmed. I like him better with long ears and so does his daddy. (I did see the fringe on his ears was not even and fixed it but had already taken the photos. )



I  hope that these heads and tips help you make your pets look cute and make it easier for you to acheive a groom that your clients love and that fits their pets personality.


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