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  • Debi Hilley has written articles for the GroomTeam USA newsletter, NEPGP newsletter, the Groomer's Gazette and publishes her own website, Grooming Smarter. Some of the topics she covers include wet clipping, dematting, using snap-on combs and grooming the Cocker Spaniel. Debi has written a book on CD for dematting and another for Teddy Bear head styling. Currently she is writing another book for every day pet grooming styles for use in the salon.

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July 04, 2009



Are any of these safe on puppies?


absolutely wonderful post, thank u so much, very informative-I have been looking for this explanation ffor MONTHS now.


I really like your article!!!


Very informative, thanks for the great tips.


Thank you for your post. :)

joshua Bratcher

(Top dog) information ;) everything I needed to no. Thanks for taking your time to pass on your experience and knowledge. Didnt have the faintest idea before reading your artical. I have a american bulldog standard performance type hes all white with the classic brindle patch over one eye, Im just bathing him regular with bob martin dog shampoo but his coat is still stained I would be more than great full if you could email me so I could ask you some more questions and get some tips please and a list of all the best quality and most effective shampoo, bluing ect ect
Thanks joshua bratcher

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