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  • Debi Hilley has written articles for the GroomTeam USA newsletter, NEPGP newsletter, the Groomer's Gazette and publishes her own website, Grooming Smarter. Some of the topics she covers include wet clipping, dematting, using snap-on combs and grooming the Cocker Spaniel. Debi has written a book on CD for dematting and another for Teddy Bear head styling. Currently she is writing another book for every day pet grooming styles for use in the salon.

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August 29, 2011



the crest/mane should end at the neck and not grow onto the withers area. if you brought the pattern up more, the crest would look more in proportion and most likely not need any triming. Just a thought.

Debi Hilley

Well, thank you or the information! Always wanting to learn. However, I have to say, in this case, it would not help to move the line up. They wanted her cut really short because (are you ready??) SHe is HOT and there is too much hair! It drags stuff in.......people crack me up!

Diamond Drill Bits

I actually liked the original one..I felt it nice before grooming..

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