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Neat Feet Revisited

I have done this type of blog before with longer feet, but people are having a hard time apparently doing shaved dogs (plower than a 5 blade) and making the feet look neat and tight. For me it is really easy to acheive this look but since it gets asked over and over again on Petgroomer, I thought I would do this to see if it can help.


I use a ten blade on toes, between each toe. This eliminates matting that might already be present and prevents matting that might occur between this groom and the next. I do NOT make it tight to the skin all the way to the ankle like you would on poodle feet, I float off as I leave the area between the toes. This makes it blend into the leg. Then, I take a tight blade, like a 40 and skim around the nail to remove extra hairs that the longer blade left. This works fantastically on ten strips as well as 7 kennel cuts. ANY length of shavedown can be done this way as long as you blend the toes into the leg well to avoid a poodle foot appearance.


I know that some people use thinners to remove the matted hair between toes, and that is fine if you are comfortable with it, but to me it still looks sloppy. I prefer a tighter foot on this type of groom.

Here is the video clip. I want to make it clear that the schnauzer in this video clip was VERY matted and it was only her second clip ever. She ended up being a 10 strip all over except eyebrows. She tried to bite me several times during this groom and it is not totally clear how it was finished. However, I do real life grooming and sometimes we have to deal with something not being perfect.

Another note. I have had an issue with all of my video clips failing to fit in the alotted window on TypePad (the editor fot eh Blog). SO again, we have an issue where it appears cropped on my computer. SO, if the video below does not show up as a full screen, double clicking on it should take you to YouTube where you can see it in full size.


This afternoon, my son, who is basically a dryer and receptionist at work, watched my video clip and then successfully did the feet on my schnoodle, Flower. SO I hope it is helpful to you as well!



I also do clean feet on short strip offs. Looks so much neater

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