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We are all trying to save money these days, and yet we still want to be able to keep the shop looking professional, friendly and bright. There is no reason to sweat it! It is easy!

I have used calendars for years to make the shop look brighter and more professional, and or those of you who do not yet have photos of clients that you can use this is a terrific way to decorate wall space inexpensively.

I can usually find calendars for under $10 each (sometimes $1 each) and they will have 12 photos or more in them. I buy frames from all over, including the dollar stores, Wal-mart and even Salvation Army or Good Will. I try to find several of the same shape and size, and really prefer them to have a mat so that the photo can be cropped to fit easier. As you can see, the frame below had a mat that comes out and that makes it super easy to work with. If the frame does not have a mat, you can buy them at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or even sometimes at Wal-mart.

You can see the photos inculded on the back of most calenders so you are not guessing you will like them.

All you need are a Paper cutter or a sharp pair of shears, a frame with a mat, a calendar photo you like, a pen or pencil and clear tape. If you have a ruler or straightedge it can be handy in this venture but it is not critical.

Choose your photo from the calendar and remove it from the rest of the pages. You can cut it out with shears or tear it carefully from the bottom. Open the frame and remove the mat, centering it on the image where you want it positioned, mark the photo and cut. Tape it to the back of the mat and reinsert the photo and mat into the frame. DONE! Easy and professional looking plus you can change it out when the mood strikes you. You can buy multiple sizes of calendars to fit multiple frame sizes and because you can choose the frame ad mat size you can adjust it to fit your space.

I sometimes buy a few general calendars that have seasonal photos in them and swap out photos for the seasonal shots to suit my decoration needs for the different holidays. I even frame cards! Find a great card that you like, or in the holiday them, Christmas cards that you thought were too nice to throw out. This allows you to recycle, reuse and beautify your shop all at one time easily and affordably.

Easy and fast as well as affordable! Enjoy your new art!


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