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Every once in a great while my husband comes up with an idea that wows me. It happens very rarely, but in this case it not only wowed me, but I feel like I should share this idea with you. 

We generally speaking use rubber bands to secure bandannas for safety sake. They are plain and according to my hubby "boring". Sometimes we use bows, but for boys that is not really "ok" with many clients. Chuck asked me "could we dress it up somehow, maybe with  flower or a button instead of using a bow?" and I said "Of COURSE we can!" You can see above what they look like when finished and placed onto a bandanna.

2011-09-25_21-00-15_417   2011-09-25_20-58-18_893

These are super easy to make and very affordable as well. First you need supplies. Above you can see the ponytail holders, terry pony o's, elastic cord, craft buttons, needles and crochet hooks. You will also possibly need thread and a hot glue gun to make these, depending on what type of buttons you buy.

2011-09-25_21-00-33_195    2011-09-25_21-01-05_394    2011-09-25_21-20-12_178

You will find different styles of button backs. Drop shanks, flat and then typical buttons with holes in them for sewing them to fabric or in this case terry loops. 

The drop shanks I use with the small ponytail holders and #8 crochet hook to use to pull it through the hole, then I loop it around and pull it tight. Finished. SO easy! You can also use the elastic cord to make your own ponytail holders and tie them after you thread the button shank. This is especially valuable if the shanks are too small for regular pony tail holders to fit through.

2011-09-25_21-05-05_835    2011-09-25_21-06-16_557    2011-09-25_21-04-32_63

The flat back buttons can be hot glued to the terry loops using a low heat glue gun with no issue at all. They will hold just fine if you make sure to apply the glue well. The photo below shows you how to use a paper flower to make this type of accessory.


Now, after you have them made, to use them is really easy. The terry loops stretch enough to wrap around the bandanna two or three times,  which will hold them in place. The smaller pony tail holders will not stretch enough to do that, but they do loop around the decorative button like a loop buttonhole. 

You can make them for regular use, boy or girl type buttons are available at craft stores everywhere, and you can do them for special occasions or holidays as well. 

Not every dog is a candidate for these obviously, as they are more expensive than a regular rubber band, and they DO present a remote possibility of a choking hazard, so dogs that are destructive, or have small children at home may not be smart choices for these, but it is another decorative touch you can use to make yourself stand out from the crowd.



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