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  • Debi Hilley has written articles for the GroomTeam USA newsletter, NEPGP newsletter, the Groomer's Gazette and publishes her own website, Grooming Smarter. Some of the topics she covers include wet clipping, dematting, using snap-on combs and grooming the Cocker Spaniel. Debi has written a book on CD for dematting and another for Teddy Bear head styling. Currently she is writing another book for every day pet grooming styles for use in the salon.

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October 02, 2011



Love this! Just bought some FQs for bandanas! Could you do a tutorial on the scrunchies pretty please? Also a fat quarter is always 18 x 22. A regular quarter is 9 x 44.

Debi Hilley

Ya know, I had never seen them for cut other than 18 x 22 but some I have seen this week are 9 x 45.....but I agree they should be 18 x 22!

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Debi Hilley

I will get the scrunchie tutorial done tomorrow!

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Hi Debi, this is great info! Can you also show the collar covers? I've heard you talk about them before but have never seen one. Also when you use rubber bands to secure the bandana do you just wrap the rubber band around the two ends a few times or are you doing it a different way?

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