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Fatquarters DO Work for Bandannas!


I have to admit it. If you had asked me a week ago I would have said, no the pieces of fabric are too small to cut out bandannas, but I found some at our local Walmart, that was on clearance and me, being the fabric addict that I am, had to have it (I justified it in my head that I would use the FQs for scrunchies if I had to). Usually I would not have bothered since the fabric yardage is so small on each piece, but it was on such a good sale price I couldn't help myself.

Many of you are probably asking yourself, What the he## is a Fatquarter? A Fatquarter is a quilters term used to describe a piece of fabric cut into 22 inch by 18 inches, or 9 inches by 45 inches. The fabric measurement will vary depending on the person cutting it. The ones that Walmart sells are 18 by 22. So you are getting a piece of fabric equal to 1/4 yard, but only one thickness instead of two if you bought the fabric off the bolt. The package had 7 pieces in it, so I got 1.75 yards of assorted prints that co-ordinate pretty well.

As is my custom, when I got it home, I laid it out on top of my dishwasher to cut it and found that fabric cut into fatquarters will make bandannas that are in between a large and a small with no problems at all! There is not much difference, maybe 1.5 inches, between what I cut out and the normal sizes. DEFINITELY usable! If you are mobile or a very small grooming business, this is a terriffic option for you as you can get a great variety and a smaller number of bandannas from each print, reducing duplication. My shop averages 120-150 dogs a week, so it would mean a print would be gone in a day, but if you like a lot of variety and have a smaller volume Fatquarters are IDEAL for you! 

Also, because the size is so universal for small and medium dogs, if you do a lot of ogs that are under 12 or 15 pounds, using this size instead of cutting small and mediums will make life less confusing and make storage easier as well. No more getting disappointed that you do not have that print in the right size. 

Places like Walmart, Joann's and Michael's sell Fatquarters and some come in bigger bundles than what I found. Look online and you will find thousands of suppliers with an endless variety avaialable. Just remember to check the size of the FQs in the bundle or box. Sometimes they are 9 inches by 45 and that makes it a bit harder to use (even though it can be done). I was told by a diswtrict anager at our "old" Walamrtm that even if your Walmart does not carry fabric, if it has a craft section, chances are they have Fatquarters. 


Fat Quarter boxes  has a huge collection of fatquarters in boxes or bundles and every theme you can imagine! The boxes are easy to store and in a Mobile I can see them being easy to have onhand to cut as needed.

Folding it the same way I always fold fabric, I was able to get 4 bandannas that are perfect sized for most shihtzu and smaller type dogs and one collar cover out of each piece of fabric. I could have cut it differently and had fewer pieces, but also had some leftover material, and I despise leftover material.


Notice it is folded into 4 triangles and the strip left is for scrunchies.


While I was looking at the Fatquarters, I also found "Jelly Rolls". These are strips of fabric already cut into 2.5 inch by 45 inch strips. For most collar covers this is perfect. It is almost exactly what I cut my strips into (I usually do 3 inches, but this works great!). You fold each strip in half making a 22.5 inch piece and cut making two pieces for small and medium dogs. You can leave the strip in one piece or cut it to 36 inches for larger dogs. You fold the fabric right sides together and stitch the edge. Turn right side out and there ya go.


If you have a need for 14 inch (at the top) bandannas, there is also a "Layer cake" you can buy that is precut 10 inch squares. These are just under the size I use for small bandanas and will fit Yorkies, Maltese and some Shihtzu as well, especially if you use a rubber band or bandanna securing accessory. GIves you less to cut and absolutely no waste. The really cool part is that I found most of the LayerCake stacks are cut with pinking shears already saving you a step if you use pinking shears. I am all about saving time and making my job easier!

A lot of websites that cater to quilters even have "Fabric of the month" type shipments where you can, without worrying about shopping for fabric, have a new collection of FQs, Jelly Rolls and/or Layer Cakes, delivered right to your home on automatic shipment. PERFECT for those of us that are busy busy busy!

So, there you have it. Easy, timesaving ways to utilize fabric choices we generally overlook. 






Love this! Just bought some FQs for bandanas! Could you do a tutorial on the scrunchies pretty please? Also a fat quarter is always 18 x 22. A regular quarter is 9 x 44.

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