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Deck the Halls part 2

Deck the Halls 2011

Well, Tis the Season to begin decorating the grooming shop for Christmas! I love Christmas. I love Santas and I love making my clients smile! This time of year I can roll it all up into one nice celebration and keep the decorations at my shop.

I am going to do a short series on what we are doing to decorate the shop and show you how the individual touches are made.

Today I made Christmas Card Frames for the main wall in the shop. It always bothered me that I had to decorate around the "normal" photos and plaques, and this year I was going to solve that problem by taking them all down. Add to it that I always hated that I had to throw away cards at the end of the season. There were always some fantastic cards! I tend to keep cards I like, but didn't have a way to display them. I was going to buy frames, but decided I would need 24-30 for the cards I have onhand right now, all different sizes and that my dear friends gets EXPENSIVE! I have made frames for posters in the past using wrapping paper (I even blogged about using calender pages framed with wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper), so I decided to do that for the cards I wanted to display.

I started out with cardstock that I wrapped using wrapping paper (I bought red and green in the same swirl pattern to use for this) and then centered on a piece of foil scrapbooking paper using doublesided tape. You can use glue or hot glue, but the tape was the easiet in my mind. Center a greeting card front, after cutting off the back, again, using doublesided tape, then hang on the wall. I used a thumbtack to hang them. SUPER easy, fast and reusable next year if stored flat and in a safe place.

You can use just wrapping paper instead of wrapping the cardstock, and you can cut the paper into whatever size you want. My OCD requires them to be the same size and shape. I have one in that photo above that needs to be redone because, even though I thought I could deal with it being sideways, I cannot and tomorrow morning it will be fixed! You can do them inside the scrapbooking paper or you can angle them the way I did to create a "star". The sky's the limit.


Notice how crisp this looks? I cut the corners out then folded it in, taped and done!


Before the card is put on.


My cards before adding them to the wall.

Tomorrow I am going to add bows in between the card frames to tie it all together. I don;t need to do it but I am going to do it just to make me happy. I have already had two clients pick up dogs today that had their cards from last year on the wall. It was funny watching them get excited that I kept their card!

You can do one, a group, or like I did a wall full of cards. Much nicer than throwing them away at the end of the season. Some of the cards are works of art! It is a shame to lose that.

Use your imagination and enjoy!

Tomorrow I will show you the Christmas Tree this year. Its something to see~!


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