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The tree! It is a fixture at my shop and clients ask every year if I am going to put it up again. I have ALWAYS had toys or treats hanging from the tree, not ornaments. Safety first right?

I give a toy or a treat to every dog in December that gets groomed. I buy them all year, as I go through about 400-500 every year. Buying them as I find them helps eliminate the "OMG I just spent HOW MUCH?" feeling I would get if I bought them all at once. I try to spend $1 or less ON AVERAGE per toy, so its really not that bad. If I pay $2-3 for toys then the treat bags will "dilute it" to the $1 per pet I strive for. I also have some T-Shirts this year in small and medium sizes for dogs that don't like toys.

Treat bags contain a rawhide candy cane (I buy them in bulk) and pupcorn or bisquits that are corn and gluten free. My clients love them. Be careful buying rawhide treats that are NOT made in the USA. I might skip them if I could not find them made here with all the issues regarding Chinese treats in the recent news reports. The place I bought mine is showing "out of stock" so I cannot refer you to that site. has them available and they say they are: Made from 1st grade quality rawhide, no preservatives added, no harmful chemicals used in the manufacturing process, FDA approved, high in protein, digestible. Imported from reputable manufacturers we have personally visited and approved! I know I have never had an issue with items purchased from them and many of their items, including ears, are Made in the USA. 

We redecorate the tree as needed, the closer to Christmas we get the more toys we have to rehang. I always eep back some toys for the weekly clients or bi-weekly on es that come the week of CHristmas for their holiday "do". 

I use LED lights and as we get low on toys I add treat bags and bows. NOTHING that can be damaged by a dog.

I decorate under the tree as well and use packaged boxes or plastic decorations in case a dog has an "accident". WOuld not want my Santas to get christened, so we keep them to the back. 

My gift tree is a gesture of thanks for their my clients continuing patronage that I feel more than pays me back every year in tips and gratitude. 

I love doing it and my clients love that we do it! 

Next up the Bow Board!



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