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Another Poodle Topknot video clip

I had the opportunity to do Suzie, a little silver toy I have done forever (I think she's about 12) and she had not been done in almost 4 months because her mom has been ill. My son helped me shoot this video clip so you can see from all angles what I did, start to finish. I did spend another 2 or 3 mi nutes on the head after the camera was done shooting, but you can definately see the technique in this 3 minute video clip.

Here ya go!



Audrey Throgmorton

I can't wait to try this technique! I've used guide combs to take bulk off a top knot but never have turned it to the side to do the line above the ear...that is a great idea....I spend way too much time trying to scissor it perfect. This will be great to set poodle top knots in the future. Thanks for posting this :)

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