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Thank you!!!



Without you, the readers, this would not be possible. 


I am blessed and honored to have won this award two years in a row.


I will continuto bring you education as long as I possible can.

Thank you so much!!




Many of you are members of my Facebook Group also called GroomingSmarter and know that we are a large, tightly knit community that feels like family to many of us. (if you are not a member, it is secret, so you will have to message me to be added).

As a result, we have been supporting each other in weight loss and other endeavors and so I started a new group called Groomers Weight Loss: Let's CONQUER THIS!
We are discussing apps, products, sharing articles, posting photos. 


We all know that being healthy and fit is as important as how much we weigh but losing weight is a part of that journey for many of us. We have unique needs based on our jobs and restrictions on our time and energy that only another groomer will understand.

I have also started a blog to augment the FB Group that can be found at and will feature interviews with groomers who have lost weight, lost the battle and are trying again, are just starting out or are part of the way there. 

PLEASE join us and become part of our community!

I have lots of fun stuff planned including 5k walk/runs, 10k walk/runs and even a 10K fundraiser in the works for our members.

The more the merrier, the more support the healthier and happier we will become!!!!!