Another Tiny shop. This one is in Middle Georgia!
"FairWinds" Grooming and Farm is an Oasis of happiness in Appleton, Maine

The Happy (tiny!!) Dog Hut in Scotland!


That became Susan Stewart's motto in life. I am going to let her tell you her story in her own words.


"I was 12 yrs into a long and happy career as a Staff Nurse (Emergency) when I developed a nasty medical condition which meant I shouldn't be working 12.5 hour shifts anymore.  I kind of ignored the Docs advice for a year...because I really didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life.  I was well qualified and top of my game...there wasn't really anything else I wanted to do.

When my last relationship broke up, I bit the bullet and decided to make the change in careers and started to research what to do.  I liked dogs...and so I looked at dog walking (working outside in Scottish weather...yeuch!) dog boarding or dog grooming.  Courses were expensive, but there was one nearby I could attend and so I started training, as well as working shifts at the hospital."


"It was the BEST thing I ever did.  There are 10 dog groomers within a 7 mile radius of where I live, but I set up in my hallway while I waited for my cabin to be built.  It took 9 months and all of my savings, but it was worth it. It's only 10ft by 10ft but it's tripple lined, insulated and ventilated (on stilts) and has it's own built in smoke detector..I designed it and managed the build day I hope to build an extension onto my house for when my hips go and I can't manage the"

As for how business has been, "It's been hella slow, but I'm now managing to pay the mortgage/bills etc...and I'm not even at full capacity yet.  I have the best customers...folk who appreciate and support me.  I'm truly blessed that I've been able to change my career at 53. So, if anyone is considering a full career change...I'd go for it.  I've designed the cabin so that there is no heavy lifting and so should be able to groom well into my 60's. I hope."

She needs 12 dogs to live on and is easily meeting that goal. Being tiny allows that goal to be attained easily. Her health issues mean a larger place is unattainable. Tiny is perfect for her!

"As for Dog Grooming as a career - I LOVE it.  The dog grooming community here in Scotland are welcoming and supportive."

And isn't it great??? Reinvent yourself! Make yourself happy.

That's what's important in life!



We are lucky to lead lives we love! Susan proves you can make a grooming career change and be both happy and successful. 

And next we're going to visit a dear old friend of mine who has a wonderful little cozy tiny shop. But, shhhhhh!!! Don't tell anybody because she doesn't know it!! We need to sneak up on her.




I love your blog! So i formative !!! Thank you so much:)

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