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My Vision Materialized!

One of my oldest clients has been coming every two weeks for 18 years. She is a partner in a lawfirm and referred her assistant to us with her new rescue dog.

When Jimmy John came in I got an instant vision in my head of what I wanted to do and mom said "do whatever".

I was looking at him I knew he matted. On any other day I would have said buzz him and start over. I knew his body was bad. I coukd see that before I ever touched him, but upon closer inspection I realized his legs and head were not matted AT ALL. So, rather than just cut him short, I decided to try  and make him cute. 

Sometimes it pays off. Sometimes it doesn't.  This time it did.



I wish I had a before photo. But. He was a mess. His body was bad enough that I wet shaved him with a 7f. It was almost like he wears a sweater the way the matting was.

I finished his body with a 5f and did the legs with a zero, using the vac, the head top with an A and the chin with the 1 comb. He will be back in 4 weeks.


I am reallllly happy with how he turned out considering what he came in like. 


She gladly paid $10 more than normal and tipped well. Sometimes it is worth it to save the hair and make them pretty. And. It's very rewarding!!! 

This is what I love to do. Take a mess and create a look that everyone loves!!


Vicky Creel

He is beautiful. You did a fantastic job!

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