Schnauzer Grooming

Blending with Clippers

Blending skirts and furnishings with clippers is not hard to do. It is just a matter of technique. I rarely, if ever, pick up thinners or blenders to erase lines in my skirts because I just don't have any! 

Even with a 9 or 10 setting on the Bravura I don't have lines to erase. I simply float off the clipper as I get to my preffered line, lifting away from the hair slightly, using a scooping motion. I then bring the clipper straight down towards the table. I follow the line of the hair growth, and I get a really well blended line. 

This video clip shows the technique pretty well.


It important to remember that I was not finished when the video clip stopped, and that the line you see is NOT THERE when finished.

The photos below will prove my point. Notice it blended beautifully and looks extremely natural. This is the "brother" to the dog in the video clip. Both were done in the same manner. A Bravura set on a 10.

Notice that there are no skin issues with either dog. Not every dog can handle this short of a clip, but these dogs have enough coat to handle it and no adverse reactions to the clipping, despite having been done this short for 3 years.

It may be geographic but people in this area like their schnauzers SHORT and doing them longer will make them upset and they will go somewhere else. I see a lot of soft schnauzers.They tend to have thickers coats as well. I have seen more skin issues in harsher coated (read more correct) schnauzers than I do in soft ones. Harsher coated can be left longer and it works better on that type of coat than on the soft ones.





I use this technique on cocker spaniels and any other breed of dog that has furnishings. The technique remains the same regardless of clipper blade chosen, whether you use a snapon or blade, and regardless of breed being groomed. 

Practice this technique on dogs that are being shaved down to begin with. That way you will be used to the way this works and it will become easy. 

Have a great time blending with clippers! I find it to be a real timesaver and the results are fabulous!

To pluck or not to pluck

That is a question plaguing all of us these days. We used to be told to pluck every single hair in the ear or else a catastrophe would occur. Well, since I started flushing ears and not plucking most of my clients ears have improved tremendously. I rarely see red, irritated ears and by not plucking I am not irritating the ear which can in turn cause more trouble by opening up hair follicles allowing the ear to become infected or causing the dog to scratch at the ears causing injuries.

I remove most of the hair with my small Mini Bravura clipper and a blunt tipped pair of shears. You can see in the video clip how I do it and the result is an ear that even a vet can love (or learn to like) and a dog that is not fighting me and has no ear problems. 

100_1438    100_1439   


As you can see from the photos of the finished ear above and in the video clips, I get a pretty clean ear this way. I feel better and so does the dog. A Win Win!

As with most of my video work, you may have to click on the video to open it in YouTube's viewer to see the entire thing.