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  • Alyssa Forss is a proud member of the Wisconsin Association of Professional Pet Stylists, and owner of Alyssa’s House Call Grooming in Wausau, WI. An avid believer in continuing education, Alyssa is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management, and will be entering the world of competitive grooming this year. She is owned and loved by her spastic Miniature Poodle, Zeke. When not grooming, she spends her time chatting with other groomers on Pet Groomer Forums chat or relaxing with her partner Jay. She is also an avid insomniac and general rabble rouser.

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Ashley Pelletier

Way to go!! My new favorite blog! :-)

Ellen Ehrlich

Excellent first post! I am proud of you! :-D

mary oquendo

Great job! Keep them coming.

Jacob Hajda

Nice post!

Daryl Conner

As someone who did house call grooming for 11+ years,I applaud your new blog!

Alyssa F

Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement!

Angela Ng

What I wonder is how do you dry the dogs without making a huge mess? Where do you set up?...

Chris S

Excellent article Alyssa! Welcome to the world of blogging, and I am so happy to see you here!


Love it and will add to my favorites.. Just started house call .. I do enjoy it..

Christina Jones

I also do housecall grooming in Austin after working in a salon for too long. I love it and thanks for this blog. I have the orange dryer and need to upgrade for the bigger dogs. I also have a folding table. "As long as you are confident in your skills and know how to communicate, it is possible to groom a dog in the owner’s home easily and comfortably." << Well put!


I do house call grooming in New York City and I love's so great to find this place, thanks for the blog!


I am in Sun City Arizona just starting house call grooming. I live in an entire group of little cities that are all semi or retired folks and even thou there are several grooming shops feel this can work to get me an income I can live on. Glad to find this site keep it going as it is very informative for a new house caller.

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