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PetEdge Employee Picks -- We Select Our Favorite Pet Products for 2010

At PetEdge, we're pet people, too.

One of the best parts about working at a pet supply company is that we have easy access to the products we need for our own pets.

Since just about everyone is putting out their best of 2010 lists right now, we thought we'd have some fun and let some of our on-staff pet owners pick their favorites from the past year.

Brian, Web Team, owner of 11-month old Corinne (Lab/Beagle/Italian Greyhound/TBD Mix)

1. Guardian Gear Car Harnesses -- They're easy to put on and give my dog room to sit, stand and lie down in the car. It feels good to know she's secure in the back seat.

2. Natural Chemistry Deflea Shampoo -- Corinne came home from the shelter with a few unwelcome guests in her coat. One good scrubbing with this shampoo and her flea problems were over.

3. Clean Go Pet Biodegradable Waste Bags -- They're thicker than most biodegradable bags, and they come in a convenient 100-pack so you can buy them in bulk. And they're earth-friendly, which is a big plus!

4. Zanies Minty Ropes -- A great chew toy that freshens breath, too. What more could you want?

5. Guardian Gear Martingale Collars -- For dogs with long necks and smaller heads like Corinne, the martingale provides good control and keeps her from backing out of the collar.



Reggie, Copywriter, owner of 3-year old Moses (Corgi) -- a part time PetEdge model

1. Zanies Unstuffies Dog Toys -- Moses loves chewing on them and tossing them at me. He carries them all around the house.

2. Guardian Gear Quilted Microfiber Car Seat Cover-- It's soft, keeps pet hair off my car seats, and fits the back seat of my Jeep Cherokee Liberty really well.

3. Ranch Rewards Drops Dog Treats -- Moses loves the yogurt ones. He begs for them all the time.

4. Guardian Gear Pawprint Harness -- Works much better than a choke collar. Moses would constantly pull against the collar on walks, and almost passed out once from pulling so hard. Since we switched to the harness, walks are so much easier.

5.Zanies Monkey's Fist Rope Toy -- Moses is a heavy chewer. He gnaws on these for long periods of time, when he’s done playing with his Unstuffy.


Cats in sun
Laurinda, Creative Department, owner of three cats: Carrick (large gray striped), Kukui (brown and black striped) and Kalena (small gray cat) -- PetEdge models, too

1. Meow Town Corrugated Cardboard Scratcher -- The best kept secret. People wouldn't get their floors and carpets scratched if they brought one of these cardboard scratchers home.

2. Guardian Gear Feline Funnel -- Allows me to bring my indoor cats outside with me while I'm in my garden.

3. Slumber Pet Cozy Kitty Beds -- Fits my small cat perfectly, plus she can peek out over the top to keep an eye on the other two cats.

4. Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mats -- The cats love them, they fit anywhere in the house, and you can throw them in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

5. Top Performance Natural Flea and Tick Spray -- I substituted this for all other flea and tick treatments this year and it worked fine. Plus it smells great if you like cloves.

Katie, Copywriter, Owner of 1-Year Old Porter (Bull Mastiff)

1. Guardian Gear Aquatic Pet Preserver (Size X-Large)-- We live across the street from a lake. The life jacket provides extra visibility and floatation, so we can see him when he's swimming.

2. Casual Canine Dogicula Costume -- Porter sticks his teeth out anyway, so I thought it would be great for photos.

3. Zanies Burly Berber Toys -- The rhino toy is like a security blanket for him. He carries it everywhere.

4. Casual Canine Leather Leads -- We use a retractable lead around the house, but switch to the leather lead when we're in town so we have closer control.

5. Ranch Rewards Pressed Rawhide Bones -- Porter's an active chewer, and these treats keep him busy and happy for a long time.

So what are your top product picks for 2010? Let us know by posting a comment here or on our facebook site.

Thanks and have a great 2011 :)



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