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An overhead grooming arm might not be a necessity, but it can make your work day a lot more enjoyable.

It's great for groomers who work by themselves and don't have an extra set of hands around to get a hyperactive or uncooperative dog to stay still.

Rather than trying to wrangle the dog with one hand and groom with the other, you can use the overhead grooming arm to secure the animal from two or more locations.

With the dog secure, you can focus your attention on grooming (not wrestling).

Our Master Equipment Overhead Grooming Arm comes with seven movable eyehooks for anchoring grooming loops and has a total of 17 different placement options on the top and both sides of the arm.

This gives you lots of different spots to anchor a grooming loop and makes the arm ideal for solving all types of grooming challenges.

  • For example, you can attach one grooming loop to anywhere on the arm to secure the dog from the front, the back, or the top.
  • You can use two grooming loops—one on each side—to secure the dog from the front and the back. This will prevent the dog from turning and twisting while you groom. Your work will be more precise and you won't have to worry about the dog jumping off the table.
  • You can also use two grooming loops to secure the dog from the top and the side. This will encourage the dog to stay centered and standing upright—a great tactic for grooming older dogs.
  • For dogs that like to "investigate" your work when you're clipping around their paw pads, you can put two loops around the neck and secure one to the top of the arm and one to the side. This will keep the dog from bending its head down to get a closer look.

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

In fact, the only limitations on the grooming arm are its size. The arm adjusts to fit tabletops 36" to 48" long, and the clamps on each end open to fit tabletops up to 1 1/4" thick.

For more information, click here to visit the product page at PetEdge.com.

Do you have an overhead grooming arm in your shop? How do you use it? Let us know by posting a comment on the blog or on our Facebook wall.

Thanks and happy grooming :)


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