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Why We Like: The Master Equipment E-Lift Grooming Tub

Every so often on the blog, we try to highlight some practical features of our grooming equipment from the perspective of groomers like you. Here are some reasons why the groomers on our staff like our Master Equipment E-Lift Grooming Tub.

It's A Real Back Saver—The electric lift motor raises and lowers the tub from 13 3/4" to 22 1/2"H, so you can get larger pets in and out with ease. Your back, legs and arms will thank you for it.

It's Made from Quality Materials—Our E-Lift Tub is made from Type 304 stainless steel—the same high quality material that's used to make top of the line grooming tubs from nationally-known manufacturers. The difference is those tubs cost several thousand dollars (our E-Lift tub is only $1,399) and they don't have the back-saving electric lift design. 

It's Built to Resist Leaks—The tub is completely welded on all seams, making it virtually leak proof. There's no silicone sealant to apply to any seams (or to worry about breaking).

It's Smooth and Quiet—The electric motor lifts and lowers dogs smoothly. The quiet, smooth-running design won't startle nervous animals and it won't disrupt the whole shop every time you use it.

It has Great Extras: Each tub comes with a basket strainer, twelve eye bolts to secure restraints around the entire edge of the tub, a stopper, and a flexible drain hose with two hose clamps. Plus, the drain assembly comes pre-installed.

To find out more about the E-Lift Grooming Tub, click here to visit the product page on our website.

You can shop for Master Equipment Grooming Tubs, professional grooming supplies, and thousands of wholesale pet products anytime at


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