PetEdge Groomer's Showcase: Newcomers Edition
Grooming Question of the Week: Why Should I Try Swivel Shears?

PetEdge Groomer's Showcase for May 25

All across the United States and abroad there are terrific groomers making a difference in their communities and in the lives of pets and their owners.

The PetEdge Groomer Showcase gives these talented and dedicated pet professionals a chance to show off their best work and share some tips and tricks along the way.

Congratulations to Katie, Alisha and Meaghan who are this week’s grooming superstars.

Thanks for sending in pictures of your work.

Katie Soistman
Oliver and Keegan Standard Poodle Brothers
Katie’s Dog and Cat Grooming – Upperco, MD


Oliver and Keegan
Katie writes: “Oliver and Keegan are Standard Poodles that I rescued from a neglectful home earlier this year. It took three hours to shave them down, but the outcome was awesome! I have only been grooming for 4 months. I have a small business 'Katie's Dog and Cat Grooming' that I run part-time out of my house in Upperco, MD.

“These boys, Oliver and Keegan have been placed in a wonderful loving home and I still get to see them every 4 weeks for their grooming! I couldn't have asked for a better ending.”


Oliver and Keegan During


Oliver and Keegan After

Alisha Seeton
Lady the Miniature Schnauzer
Happy Tails Pet S’paw – Alba, TX

Alisha writes: “This precious baby is Lady. She came in all matted and this was her very first hair cut! I simply brushed out the mats and did a traditional schnauzer groom.”


Lady Before


Lady After

Meaghan Edwards
Pixie the Shih Tzu
Pussy and Pooch - Long Beach, CA


  Pixie Before


Pixie After

Meaghan writes: “This is Pixie. She was matted all over. Instead of shaving her down, I put her in a modified Schnauzer trim to get rid of the worst matting, and then picked out the rest of the tangles. Her owner loves it and calls it a "Pixie Cut".

Are you ready to be a showcase “superstar”?

If you’d like to be included in an upcoming PetEdge Groomer Showcase, please send us a picture of a dog or cat that you’ve groomed, along with your name, address and a brief description of your work (what tools you used, what challenges you faced, etc.)

You can email your photos to

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I love the before and after of Lady! Nice work!

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