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Grooming Question of the Week: Why Should I Try Swivel Shears?

 TP358_600X600What A Swiveling Thumb Hole Can Do

Swivel-style grooming shears feature a swiveling thumb hole that can be turned at an angle to make it easier for you to scissor in a more natural hand position.

Rather than stretching or twisting your thumb to fit into a fixed-position thumb hole, you can leave your thumb straight and adjust the position of the hole instead.

An angled thumb hole makes it easier to keep your thumb straight when you scissor, which in turn reduces the stress on the muscles and tendons in your hands and wrists. It also reduces the need to scissor at awkward angles that can put additional stress on your shoulder.

While the thumb hole is relatively easy to adjust, the tension is strong enough to keep the hole in place when you scissor. You don't have to worry about the shears spinning around in your hands.

Most experienced groomers can adjust to swivel shears without any problems, though we recommend taking extra care the first few times that you use them.

Who Are Swivel Shears Made For?

Swivel-style shears are a great option for older groomers who are suffering from repetitive motion injuries, for younger groomers who are looking to avoid those problems as they age, or for any groomer who wants to scissor more comfortably.

We even sold a pair to the owner of a grooming shop who was so thrilled with the work her lead groomer was doing that she wanted to keep her from getting injured!

One way to tell if fatigue is becoming a problem is if your shears seem too heavy. Groomers who think they need lighter shears are often experiencing discomfort from scissoring at awkward angles.

Our New Swivel Shears

Our Master Grooming Tools Swivel Select Shears are made with Hitachi Japanese stainless steel with added molybdenum (a hardening agent) for superior sharpness at a great price.

Each shear features a finger rest, a silencer, a dialed tension adjuster, and includes a faux leather carrying case.

For more information (and to shop for our Swivel Shears and thousands of other pet products), please visit

Thanks and happy grooming :)



I absolutely love my swivel thumb shears! Mine are Shark Fin shears, and were quite an investment. I'm happy to see that Master Grooming Tools is also making swivel thumbs. They took some getting used to, but now, it's so much easier on my hands to scissor and I can't imagine going back.

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