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PetEdge Offers Tips for Saving Money Around the Grooming Shop

We recently posted a question on the PetEdge Facebook page asking groomers to share the biggest challenges facing their business.

Many of you responded by saying that the economy was your biggest challenge. You are always looking for ways to reduce costs, save money on supplies, and cut out waste.

So in an effort to help you save, we brainstormed with our staff groomers to find some ways to reduce costs in the grooming shop.

Some of these suggestions might be new to you—and some might seem like no brainers—but it never hurts to start thinking about ways to save.

1. Order in Bulk—You can save on shipping and minimum order fees by grouping your purchases and buying in bulk. Keep a running list of the supplies that you need so you won't forget anything when it's time to call in your order.

2. Dilute Your Shampoos the Right Way—If you're using a concentrated shampoo at full strength, then you're basically washing money down the drain. Plus, it's harder to rinse out a concentrate than a shampoo that's properly diluted. Take time to properly mix your shampoo per the dilution instructions, and you'll get the most out of each bottle you buy.

Just remember that the rate on the label is the maximum dilution rate recommended by the manufacturer for optimum results. You may need to experiment a bit to get what's best for the mineral content of your water. 

3. Treat Your Equipment Well—Make sure to clean and replace filters, check carbon brushes, and properly oil and clean moving parts. We recommend keeping spare replacement parts on hand, and backup equipment is always a good idea. If you can't groom because your dryer isn't working, then you can't make any money.

4. Use Common Sense Safety Precautions—Workplace accidents can damage valuable tools and supplies, increase your insurance costs, and prevent you from working (and earning). Be sure to keep your floors clean and dry, organize your supplies, and make sure that your tools are stored in a safe place.

5. Conserve Your Resources—If you use power strips in your shop, turn them off or unplug them every night. Otherwise, they'll eat up power when your shop is closed. Make sure you're not using unnecessarily hot water when you're bathing dogs, as that excess heat can burn up your energy budget.

Oh, and be sure to fix any dripping faucets or spray hoses. There's no sense in letting money drip down the drain.

6. Store Your Supplies Carefully—If you buy finishing touches like bows and bandanas in bulk, make sure to store them in a place where they won't get crushed or faded by the sun. Don't store bottles of cologne or spray in the sun, because the sunlight can react with the botanicals in the spray.

7. Rebook Your Appointments—The easiest way to save more money is to make more money! If you rebook your customers when they come in to pick up their pets (rather than wait for them to call), you can encourage them to keep a regular grooming schedule.

Not only does this help you keep a profitable stream of regular appointments, it will also make your workday easier. Dogs that are groomed on a regular basis are in better condition than those whose owners let time lapse between appointments. 

Your Turn:

So what are your tips and tricks for saving money around the shop? Let us know by leaving a comment here, or posting them on our Facebook wall.

Thanks and happy grooming :)


Make appointment reminder phone calls 2 or 3 days before scheduled appointments. If they say they can't make it, you call someone else in to fill the spot. I have several clients that I try to work appointment times so they can car pool. They end up giving me a few $ tip!

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