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How To Avoid Cross Binding Your Blending Shears

Thinning shears fullMany groomers have taken advantage of this amazing free offer in our spring and summer catalog.

From now until August 26, if you buy any Oster SuperSteels Shear, you'll get a free 26-tooth Oster SuperSteels 26-tooth blending shear!

That's a value of $169 to $223 (depending on the style of shear you buy).

These 26-tooth blending shears make a great addition to any groomer's toolbox.

They are ideal for shaping the coat to eliminate clipper lines, and are especially good for getting rid of cut marks on poodles.

One of our staff groomers says that they make poodle coats “look like velvet.”

But over the past few months, we've heard from a number of groomers who have accidentally cross bound their shears shortly after they've started using them in the shop.  

Cross binding happens when the two blades crash into each other rather than glide smoothly by. The collision can nick the blade on the cutting edge of the shear, or bend the teeth on the comb side of the blade.

Either result can make it difficult or impossible to use the shears without sharpening them first.

Thinning Shear Close

Why is cross binding more likely with these blending shears?

As you can see from the photo above, the 26-tooth shears feature wide-spaced teeth that are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

This top-heavy design helps to produce that desired smooth finish, but as a result the base of the teeth does not provide as much support as a traditional blending shear, where the teeth are the same size from top to base.

The length and weight of these shears is also a factor. Unlike most blending shears that are only 6 1/2” long, the Oster shears measure 8”. The shears are also lighter and leaner than most traditional blenders.  

The longer, lighter style provides a larger cutting service and helps to reduce the strain on wrists and hands, but it also gives the shears more flexibility, which makes it more likely that the two blades will contact each other if you’re scissoring with a tight grip.

Don't get us wrongwe love these shears and think this free offer is an amazing deal. We just want to make sure that if you do get these shears, you get a lot of use out of them.

So here are our tips for avoiding the dreaded cross bind:

  • Scissor with a very light touch
  • Don’t strangle the handles
  • Treat them like a specialty shear

Do you use 26-tooth thinning shears in your shop? Have you used them to smooth out clipper lines?

Send us your before and after photos along with a brief description of your work to blog@petedge.com.

We'd love to see these shears in action!

P.S. Just a heads up that our free offers for the spring and summer will end on Aug. 26th, so check them out now before they disappear. Thanks and happy grooming :)




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