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August 2011

PetEdge Groomer's Showcase; End of Summer Edition

Welcome to another edition of our Groomer Showcase, where we celebrate the work of groomers like you!

Do you go the extra mile in your community? Have a grooming specialty you want to share? Send us your pictures to and you could be our next grooming showcase superstar.

Congratulations to Gianna, Mary and Eric! Thank you for sending us in your work this week.

We salute you and all of the other groomers out there who continue to keep our furry friends looking and feeling their best.

Gianna Aikman
Coco the French Bulldog




Gianna writes: “Hi, my name is Gianna and I’ve been grooming for 11 ½ years. I started with English Bulldogs. Coco is a 1½ year old French Bulldog and my first Frenchie! Grooming French Bulldogs doesn’t entail as much as some other breeds.

With Coco, I do her nails and whiskers first (I use an Andis® cordless whisker trimmer) and then she gets brushed. I use Silk Spirits on her coat. To make her muzzle whiter, I apply kerotin and then use a combo of either Ducky White or white chalk powder mixed with Gold Bond powder.

“Grooming on the go can be challenging, especially at outdoor shows. If the weather is bad, it’s hard to find any grooming space.”



Mary Byres
All Breed Pet Salon
Chambersburg, PA



Mary writes: “I have been grooming for almost 12 years as a graduate from The Maryland School of Dog Grooming. Dude is 4-year-old Bichon Frise has been coming to me faithfully for 3 years. I used a #3F Andis on the body and Heritage shears to finish his legs and head. All of those tools were purchased from PetEdge.”



Eric Malave
Cayey Veterinary Clinic
Cayey, Puerto Rico



Eric writes:
“My name is Eric Malave and I attended Florida Institute of Animal Arts. Grooming is my passion and hobby. Cayey is a small town in Puerto Rico, but thankfully full of dogs.

My clients here are 70% Shih Tzus and the rest are Poodles and Yorkies. Most of the clients here are very good with keeping regular appointments, but I have a few that always bring their dogs in with Bob Marley hair!

My favorite grooming tools are my Top Performance ProEar Professional Medicated Ear Cleaner and my Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Dematting Rake.

The challenge I face here is that people are very conservative, and don't let me be creative with pet styling.”



Are you ready to be a showcase “superstar”?

If you’d like to be included in an upcoming PetEdge Groomer Showcase, please send us a picture of a dog, cat or other animal (rabbit?) that you’ve groomed, along with your name, address and a brief description of your work (what tools you used, what challenges you faced, etc.)

You can email your photos to

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Thanks and happy grooming :)


PetEdge Celebrates National Dog Day: What We Love About Our Dogs

Did you know that August 26th is National Dog Day?

To celebrate our four-legged friends on their special day, we asked some members of the PetEdge staff to share some stories about their dogs and why they appreciate them.

We'd love to hear your stories, too. Email us at or post your comments on Facebook or this post. Thanks!

Ella 1 

"My dog, Ella, is a 2 ½ year old hound mix. I am grateful that she is so loving and always ready to play. She is always very patient and gentle with children, but she also knows when and where she can play rough and crazy with the older crowd."

-- Miranda Walker, Assistant Product Manager, Merchandising Dept.

Sophie Lee

"Sophie is my 5 year old pure bred Chihuahua. I have had her since she was 8 weeks old, and she has never left my side. She has always been there to keep me company, and if she ever sees me cry, she runs up onto my lap and literally licks my tears away.

"She also is very protective and loving towards our 8-month-old son and they are quickly becoming fast friends. She is so lovable and sweet, and I am so thankful to have her!"

-- Amy Cooney, Merchandising Coordinator, Softlines

"We adopted our collie, Brisby, from a shelter last year. He had a rough start for his first 11 months of life. But now at 2 years of age, he is transformed. He is very happy and our family can’t imagine life without him!"

-- Judy Sullivan, Marketing Production Coordinator


"Our four-year-old Corgi, Moses is a true character! Moses’ best qualities are his good nature, his loyalty, and his love of boats! He has such a tough life! LOL."

-- Reginald Macon, PetEdge Marketing Team Member

Corinne n brownie2
"I'm grateful for Corinne's calm and quiet personality and Brownie's enthusiam and playful spirit. My favorite thing to do is take them both for a walk in the park or the woods on Saturday morning. I love how gentle they are with my young nephews and with their older "uncle" Anthony (a 10-year-old Bassett Hound)."
-- Brian Burns, Web Marketing Department


"Here's my one thing. No matter what mistakes you made in your life. No matter what you look like. A dog is always unconditionally happy to be with you."

--Audrey Vogt, Professional Groomer and PetEdge Product Support Team Member


"Even if I'm only gone for five minutes, Molly, my five year old terrier mix, always greets met as enthusiastically as if I've been gone a week. She's always happy to see me and she's never afraid to show it."

--Jane Yanetti, PetEdge Product Support

“The thing I love most about my dogs (Murphy, a 7-year-old Boston Terrier and Porter, a 2-year-old Bull Mastiff) is that regardless of what kind of day I’ve had, they always know how to make me smile. Whether it’s doing a trick, licking my feet or snuggling with me on the sofa, they are always there for me.”

-- Katie Fawkes, PetEdge Marketing Department


 What about you?

Now it's your turn: What's one thing that you love about your dog or the dogs you work with? Let us know by posting a comment on our blog or our facebook page. You can also send your photos to Thanks!