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How amazingly awesome that Rhonda is able to bring a much needed service to a culture that frowns upon non-working dog ownership. Sounds like the merger of two cultures is going smoothly! Congrats and keep up the good work!

Dear Sir

I'd like to correct the article by Rhonda Dequier, Pampered Pooch Salon Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Rhonda states that there there are NO trained dog groomers in Riyadh. This incorrect. Mrs Pat Hall who live in Riyadh, on Salwa Garden Village is a fully qualified Dog Groomer with 5 years experience. Pat has an excellent clientele which includes members of the Saudi Royal Family.

I hope you will publish this to correct the error.

Let me be clear, I was referring to the conditions of the pet stores in Riyadh. To my knowledge there is not another pet grooming salon in operation in this city that can offer services matching those of the western world. If there is a person who will come to your home and groom your pets, then I think that is absolutely wonderful, regardless of their training if you are happy... that is all that matters.
I certainly meant nothing mean spirited towards anyone here in Riyadh, I am just excited to be here and love the chance to help out our furry loved ones!

-Rhonda Dequier

Hey Rhonda, What fab pics of Meg! Keep up the good work & see you next week with Henry too. x

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