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The PetEdge Q and A Session: Quick Impressions of Super Zoo

Our Pink Grooming Salon Setup

The PetEdge team recently came back from the Super Zoo trade show in Las Vegas.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit our booth!

It was great to meet so many groomers in person and give our customers a chance to examine our tables, tubs, shears and grooming supplies first hand. 

We asked Carrie B., a nine-year veteran of the PetEdge product support team and a professional groomer for 15 years, to give us some quick impressions from the show.

Carrie was part of the customer service team that was working on the show floor, and is one of our go-to people at PetEdge for questions about professional pet grooming. 

Q. What was your overall impression of the show this year?

A. Fantastic!! This is hard to describe, but it has to do with a vibe more than anything. When you stand in the booth, or out on the main floor you can see people in the booths talking to the vendors or looking at the products and they all have smiles on their faces. 

The competition stage was right across from our booth, and I noticed that they had more contestants and bigger trophies this year, which added to the excitement of the show.

Q. What did groomers comment about the most at our booth?

A. The way that our products were displayed and how bright and cheerful the booth looked. In my area, they had fun testing out our Color Paw Nail Polish Pens. We had fake nails they could paint on.

Q. What were the most popular products in the booth?

The Top Performance Graffiti Print Grooming Aprons! If we had more at the show we would have sold a bunch of them. As it was, everyone working the booth ended up selling the aprons they were wearing. Beside those, I'd have to say that the Polypro Tubs and the Superior Stainless Steel Tubs were the most popular.

Graffiti Print Apron

Q. What was the mood of attendees at the show? Were customers optimistic? Worried about the economy? Somewhere in between?

A. In between. They know times are tough, but they also know that the pet industry is growing and they are working in the field because they actually like animals.

Q. Did you meet any memorable customers or fellow groomers at the show?

A. OMG yes! I missed going last year, but I was still able to pick out several faces that I knew that have been coming by the booth for years. Plus I was able to say "hi" to a few of my international groomer friends who are judges and competitors.


Did you visit us at Super Zoo? What were your impressions of the show? Leave your comments here, or post them on our Facebook wall.

Thanks and happy grooming :)



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