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PetEdge Groomer's Showcase: The Fur is Falling Edition

Fall is here! The temperature is getting cooler, the leaves are turning bright colors (at least here in the Northeast), and pets are getting some amazing new looks thanks to the work of these talented groomers!

Julie Matthes
Braintree, MA

Ginger before
Ginger before:

Ginger after
Ginger after:

Julie writes: "I have been a self-taught groomer for almost two years. Prior to that, I was a vet tech for six years. I work part-time for a place in Dorchester, MA, and own my cat-only shop in Braintree.

"I have a passion for big cats and have worked with them in Oklahoma. I thought my chow would look amazing as a lion. So there she is!

"I used Andis Super AGR+ Clippers along with my Master Grooming Tools Shears—all purchased from PetEdge. I love my job and would say that my only challenge is not coming home every day with a scratch or two."


Debbie Salter
Debbie's Canine Designs
Toney, Alabama

Debbie writes: "I have been grooming for 35 years. I finally made it home, and my shop is my converted 2-car attached garage, so my commute is only down 5 steps!

This is a really neat card a client sent to me after Izzy, their shih-tzu, was groomed by me.
Here is another set of before and after shots:
"I use Andis 2-Speed Clippers and Heritage shears, both purchased at PetEdge. I use only Lambert Kay Fresh N' Clean Oatmeal and Baking Soda Shampoo that I also purchased from PetEdge. I also like using Wahl Moser or Arco Clippers for the pads, bridge and stop of a dog's nose.
"All my equipment such as my Master Equipment Hydraulic Table and ProSelect Modular Cage Units (below) came from PetEdge.
Waiting on mama
Waiting to be picked up
"At Christmas, I buy toys from PetEdge to hand out to all my good little boy and girl furbabies. Clients will tell me their dogs usually don't care to play with toys, but will with ones Miss Debbie gives them for Christmas!"
Lindsey Scott
Muncie, Indiana 

Before Westie Didi before:

After Westie 

Lindsey writes: "This dog, Didi, was my very first solo groom! I completed her on my last day of grooming school. When she came in, she mentioned that she was going to go to a West Highland White Terrier meet and greet.

"Her owner basically just wanted a bath for her, and I talked her into getting a Westie pattern. Did was two years old and had never been professionally groomed before.

"When she came to pick up Didi, she didn't even recognize her dog, but was absolutely thrilled about how she looked. It definately made me feel very proud and confident as a groomer.

"Now Didi will be able to show off her true colors at the meet and greet!"


Do you have new grooming pics to share for the fall? Send your before and after photos to along with a brief description of the tools you used and the challenges you faced. Thanks and happy grooming :)



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