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PetEdge Product Spotlight: The Geib Zero Heat Clipper

When you combine an innovative new design with one of the most popular names in grooming, it comes as no surprise that this clipper is creating a buzz.

The Geib Zero Heat Clipper has been one of the most talked about new products in the PetEdge Spring and Summer Catalog.

Many groomers are intrigued by the idea of a clipper that is designed to produce zero heat, so our staff groomers thought this would be a good time to take a closer look.

What "Zero Heat" Refers To:

The Zero Heat clipper has a series of design innovations that prevent the clipper housing from heating up during use. The insulated handpiece provides an extra layer of protection between the hand and the motor, helping to muffle heat, vibration and noise. The clipper is also equipped with air vents that draw air inside the housing to cool down the motor.

Does This Mean the Blades Won't Heat Up?

No. Blade heat is caused by the friction that is generated when the blade cutter and the blade comb rub against each other when the clipper is in use. No amount of insulation in the handpiece can prevent the blades from heating up, especially if you consider that the two parts are making contact several thousand times each minute!

When using this clipper, it is important to test the blades every three to five minutes to gauge the temperature of the metal and ensure that you are clipping pets comfortably. Remember that pet skin is very sensitive, so blades that seem only warm to the touch could cause clipper burn.

The easiest way to ensure cool, comfortable clipping is to keep plenty of backup blades on hand and switch them out as soon as they heat up. To quickly cool down your blades, our groomers recommend placing them on a heat-absorbing surface such as a block of marble, slate, granite or stoneware that is at least a 1/2" thick.

Placing a hot blade on an aluminum pan such as a cookie sheet or baking tray, or on a freezer pack covered with a towel can also help to cool them fast.

What is A Carbon Brush Motor?

The Geib Zero Heat Clipper features a carbon brush motor that is identical in design to a permanent magnetic rotary motor. As the name suggests, the motor does require routine carbon brush replacements to keep it operating at full speed.

But like a permanent magnetic rotary motor, the carbon brush motor is designed to run cooler, quieter and with less vibrations than a clipper with a universal rotary motor. This type of motor also requires less routine maintenance overall.

For more information:

Please visit the product page for the Geib Zero Heat Clipper at for more details on this innovative new design. Plus, when you purchase your clipper from us, you'll get a FREE Geib BC-125 Trimmer (A $29.99 value).


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