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Master Equipment Bone Shaped Electric Grooming Table
Buying a grooming table is one of the first big investments that groomers make in their business. Just like any big purchase—such as buying a car—it's important to ask questions, compare models, and do your homework.

With so many different styles, options, and price points to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out what table is right for you.

At PetEdge, our product support team of grooming experts is available to provide detailed answers to common questions about grooming tables.

  • What kind of table will work best in my shop?
  • What are the big differences between an electric and hydraulic table?
  • Which tables offer the most stability?
  • Which offer the most value?

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to the questions posed above.

The right grooming table for you depends on your operating budget, the type and size of the dogs you groom, the space you have available in your shop, and the features that are most important to you.

While we can't pick your next grooming table for you, we can describe how each of our tables works, advise you on the benefits and limitations of each one, and give you some options to consider.

  Master Equipment Electric Ease Grooming Table

Electric and Hydraulic Lift Tables:

Tables with a built-in electric or hydraulic lift are the best bet for groomers who are looking to make a serious investment in their business.

Both table styles feature built-in lifting mechanisms that do the lifting and lowering for you.

These tables make it a lot easier to work with heavy pets and older dogs with limited mobility, and they save a lot of unnecessary strain on your back and legs.

When buying an electric or hydraulic table, here are a few questions to consider

  • How fast does the table lift and lower?
  • Is the lifting mechanism smooth? Does it make noise?
  • How stable is the work surface?
  • How many attachment points are there between the tabletop and the base?
  • How low and how high does the table go?
  • Does the tabletop rotate? If so, how much space will you need to accommodate the full rotation?
  • What does the base consist of?

Master Equipment Folding Grooming Table

Portable/Folding Grooming Tables

Portable grooming tables are simple but sturdy folding tables that are ideal for groomers with budget and space constraints. These tables also work well as a second table in a crowded grooming shop. Their compact, foldable designs make them an ideal choice for mobile groomers, too.

Here are some questions to ask when buying a portable grooming table:

  • What size options are available for the tabletop?
  • What material is the tabletop made of?
  • What is on the surface of the table?
  • How much does the table weigh?
  • Can the table support a grooming arm?
  • Does the table include a grooming arm?

 Are You Ready for Your Grooming Table Consultation?

If you're shopping for a new grooming table, give us a call before you buy. We'll talk you through the different options that are available and try to point you in the right direction.

Thanks and happy grooming :)


About the Author: PetEdge is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wholesale pet products and discount dog grooming supplies. We have over 17,000 products in our catalog and online, plus you can get $5.99 flat rate shipping on qualified orders of $150 or more every day. Visit for details.



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