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PetEdge Wish List Wednesday (on a Thursday): Tell Us What You Love

(Editor's note: Some of our more observant readers may notice that this Wish List Wednesday post is actually being published on a Thursday. We had a slight delay in getting this out to you yesterday, but we were so excited to share Audrey's picks that we didn't want to wait another week.)


Welcome to Wish List Wednesday, where we ask groomers like you to share some of the products on their PetEdge wish list. To kick off this new feature, we asked Audrey, one of our staff groomers, to share her wish list favorites.

Here are the categories we asked her to choose from:

  • One piece of grooming equipment (tub, table, dryer, cable, etc.)
  • One grooming clipper, trimmer, or blade
  • One grooming tool
  • One shear or shear set
  • One grooming apron or piece of grooming apparel
  • One grooming accessory
  • One finishing spray or coat cologne

Here's what Audrey chose:

1. The Master Equipment Superior Stainless Steel Tub

Audrey writes: "I chose this tub because of how sturdy it is. It is made with 14-gauge, type-304 stainless steel and comes with all the fixings, including a tub rack and a ramp. "

2. The Andis AGC 90th Anniversary Clipper

"I'm in dire need of a new clipper, and this one comes with free items (a free UltraEdge 3/4HT blade and a 7 1/2" steel grooming comb when you buy it at

3. The Master Grooming Tools Rechargeable Nail Grinder

"I chose this grinder because although I love my power nail grinder, I need something a little more portable. Being a mobile groomer, it's tough carrying everything into and out of people's houses. I'm limited on the amount of space I have in my travel bags. But the rechargeable grinder would fit right into the cubby in my extra tall grooming case, which would free up more room in my duffle bag.

4. Master Grooming Tools Swivel Select Shear Kit

"I really like how comfortable the swivel thumbs are on these, especially since my scissoring hand doesn't move that well. The extremely short shank allows me to get full cutting motion without overstretching my hand. I've been drooling over them since they came out :)"

5. Waterproof Grooming Apron

"I chose this apron because it's waterproof, and yes it's purple :)"

6. Aria Monkey Business Bandanas

"Monkeys are very popular right now, and these bandanas are adorable."

7. Groomer's Edge Ultimate Grooming Shampoo

"The Ultimate Grooming Shampoo is an emollient-rich formula that cleans really well. Plus, it's super concentrated at a 50:1 ratio. I looove this shampoo, it's just pricy-ish and I can never get my hands on it cheaply."

8. Finishing Spray or Coat Cologne—ikaria Comfort Coat Mist

"I love the earthy tones of sandalwood, and fell in love with it even more when it was paired with the sweetness of vanilla in this spray. The spray just makes me want to snuggle the dog constantly. I'd use it as a room freshener, too.

About Audrey: I have been grooming professionally for 5 years. I apprenticed in two different salons, both a privately owned shop and a major retail chain. All in all I was an apprentice for 2 of the 5 years that I have been grooming. I currently work as a mobile home groomer in my free time. Other credentials include more than 2 years as a PCDT dog trainer and Vet Tech assistant.

Send Us Your Wish List

Do you have a wish list of PetEdge products that you''d like for your grooming shop or pet care business? Email us at with some of your product picks and the reasons why they made your list. We'd love to turn your wish list into a photo feature on our blog.

Thanks and happy grooming :)


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