Chuck Simons, Author

  • Chuck Simons, owner and inventor of Groomers Helper, is a champion for the grooming industry as he strives to inform groomers of their true value and helps to improve their image. He works tirelessly to help groomers improve their bottom line, increase safety in their shops and become successful in their businesses. Chuck maintains a rigorous tradeshow schedule and recently attended shows in Canada and Australia where he helped to sell out of product for his international distributors. With more than 20 years experience in the grooming industry, Chuck has worked with industry leaders to help them improve their products. He is available for consultation when planning or improving a salon and choosing the right grooming equipment. Chuck Simons is an accomplished photographer, writer and lecturer, who has touched thousands with his contributions to trade publications and his ability to help groomers expand their horizons by infusing humor into their day-to-day lives. His email newsletter is read by hundreds around the globe and continues to grow in popularity. Chuck‚Äôs new web site,, is available for news and information on his latest accomplishments.

Groomers Helper

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