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Love, Mikey Brown

Today I asked my mom....

Why are there so many, Mom?

Why is the shelter so full? Don't these boys and girls have people who love them?
Why does that dog scour the ditch for food? Is there no one to feed him?

Why are those pups so sad and scared? Do they not know the warmth of a home?

I just don't understand why there are so many, Mom. Can we help them? Must they suffer so?

My mom touched my face and smiled, "Yes, son. We can help them."

"We can help by volunteering our time to rehabilitate and educate. We can help by donating blankets, towels, and food. And when we have an empty space, we can help by choosing to save an unwanted life."

"You see my son, you are loved. You have a home, a pack of bothers and sisters, a warm bed, and a full tummy. So many out there do not. They shiver in the cold, feel hunger in their tummies, and have no real family. Do they deserve this? No. But humans tend to see everything as disposable. They often forget that a new puppy or kitten is a living soul, a responsibility not to be taken lightly. When times become tough, they dispose of their burdens. This is why there are so many homeless pets. Many of your brothers and sisters came from these very situations...sad, lonely, and unwanted. That's why they are so grateful to now be a part of our family".

Afraid of being 'homeless', I snuggled as closely to my mom as I could, shuddering at the thought of living on the streets. My mom hugged me close, "Don't worry", she said, "You will never be homeless...never. You are and always will be my family. You will always be loved my son. And when the time comes for one of us to leave this world, we can be at peace knowing the other will be waiting on the other side."

It's bedtime now. As I snuggle under the covers with my mom I pray that those on the streets and in the shelters will find their moms and dads too. We were all born to be loved. I've never met Santa, but if he's real I ask one thing, "Please Santa, please find homes for the less fortunate. You don't have to bring me any new toys, treats, or chew bones. Just please help stop the suffering. I will even leave extra milk and cookies for you. Love, Mikey Brown".


Please take the time to help in some way, however small, this holiday season. If we all help just a little, it goes a long way. 



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