Karla Addington-Smith, Author

  • After 30+ years in the world of professional grooming Karla Addington-Smith still enjoys this grooming life. Karla is an award winning groomer and writer, IJA sanctioned judge, reluctant speaker and all-around smartypantz. She is honored to have been a member of the original 1988 & 1989 GroomTeam USA. Among many contest wins, her most prestigious were Intergroom’s 1987 First Place in Creative with her beloved Standard Poodle Annie & 1988 Best American Groomer with Derrick, a handsome Bedlington Terrier. Karla is the proud recipient of four Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards too. You Go Girl! And in 1996 she received the prestigious Scratchex Award for Journalistic Excellence in Dog Grooming and Skin Care. Karla’s articles on grooming and business topics have appeared in Today’s Breeder, PSM, Groomer to Groomer, Groom-o-Gram, Groom & Board, Veterinarian Product News, Pet Product News & Cat Fancy. Her role as Editor of Pet Boutique & Spa Magazine has been especially rewarding. Karla’s first solo book project The Foundations of Good Grooming is due in Spring 2010. After their attempt to breed dog groomers in captivity failed, Karla and her husband Craig now own PetSmith LLC, selling fine grooming tools and supplies to professional groomers around the world.

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Jonathan David

Karla, you're so right. I experience the same thing with my clients but you know they almost always come back. One client didn't want to pay for dematting a goldendoodle so he went to the cheap place in town...a $400 vet bill and suffering from injuries sustained during their cheap dematting was enough to bring him back with an apology!

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Great blog!

Avi Morali

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