Barbara Bird, Author

  • Barbara Bird, aka BBird, has been grooming since 1971 and opened Transformation Pet Center in Tucson, Arizona in 1977. In the salon, BBird specializes in Bichons and scissored trims, hand stripping of Terriers, and cat grooming. She has been writing and speaking to groomers for over a decade, and received the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award as Grooming Journalist of the Year for 2006 and 2007. A regular contributor to Pet Age magazine, Barbara also writes for The Bichon Frise Reporter. She has authored and self-published three books, including Beyond Suds and Scent - Understanding Pet Shampoos and Conditioners. She has also developed a line of aromatherapy products, The Scented Groomer, and conducts online extended education classes at


November 24, 2008


Christein Sertzel

Wonderful article!


Thanks, I needed that reminder! This work is very personal and it's very easy to let something little ruin your entire day (or week).


This article and the previous one hit home instantly. I feel like you're talking directly to me. Thank you for this. It's really good to see it in writing, rather than thinking I'm going insane.

quynh rodriguez

This is great advice and do I have your permission to post it on my Facebook for my friends to read? As a salon owner, I struggle to q-tip with my customers and employees but it's hard. Thank you for all your articles, I have always been a fan of your blog and am a faithful follower.

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