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  • Barbara Bird, aka BBird, has been grooming since 1971 and opened Transformation Pet Center in Tucson, Arizona in 1977. In the salon, BBird specializes in Bichons and scissored trims, hand stripping of Terriers, and cat grooming. She has been writing and speaking to groomers for over a decade, and received the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award as Grooming Journalist of the Year for 2006 and 2007. A regular contributor to Pet Age magazine, Barbara also writes for The Bichon Frise Reporter. She has authored and self-published three books, including Beyond Suds and Scent - Understanding Pet Shampoos and Conditioners. She has also developed a line of aromatherapy products, The Scented Groomer, and conducts online extended education classes at


June 29, 2009


Christein Sertzel

I had to comment on this article. I was EXTREMELY put off by especially Joey's line of questioning for Lisa on this and of course- Doc. Kalligan (sp?) has double backed on a few of her staements before- but thsi was a BIG one- a very IMPORTANT one to not have taken a different stance on, I just didn't "get it". There was a groomer dismissed earlier this season for not properly finishing an aggressive, elderly dog (in the "make the dog look 10 years younger" challenge), and I thought that put us in a poor light, too. It either makes us look like you have stated- that we need to get the job done at all costs, and that our clients should expect the same of us. Or, that if we haven't gotten the job done to perfection, we have to feel that we've fallen short.
I went thru this stage of grooming quite a few years ago, and thankfully I didn't have anything bad happen, I just didn't want to feel guilty about the impression I was leaving on my difficult dog clients, and knowing it was just going to be a fight every time they came in. So, now, I let them decide, I try a bit more, and I leave things undone with no regret, and an explanation to any client of why something is not done so that they know why.
Ahh- I have rambled- sorry- very good article, Barbara, I agree with you and I hope that most every other groomer does, too- I HOPE.


We turned away a 4 month old puppy because it was stressing so much, the owners tantrum over me not 'doing my job' didn't phase me. Why?? I could see the road we could travel to get those nails done and it wasn't looking very pretty. Safety is number one and this dog was so stressed that I worried about him and that was the end of the toenail clipping.
I am a dog groomer not a lion tamer.

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