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  • Barbara Bird, aka BBird, has been grooming since 1971 and opened Transformation Pet Center in Tucson, Arizona in 1977. In the salon, BBird specializes in Bichons and scissored trims, hand stripping of Terriers, and cat grooming. She has been writing and speaking to groomers for over a decade, and received the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award as Grooming Journalist of the Year for 2006 and 2007. A regular contributor to Pet Age magazine, Barbara also writes for The Bichon Frise Reporter. She has authored and self-published three books, including Beyond Suds and Scent - Understanding Pet Shampoos and Conditioners. She has also developed a line of aromatherapy products, The Scented Groomer, and conducts online extended education classes at

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December 10, 2012


Samantha Wilson

Great article. I learned a lot as my daughter is graduating soon from groomer school and I am helping do some research. Do you know anything about this new technology called micro bubble? It seems to be the hottest thing on the market and we called a few of the clients off the thera clean website and everybody raved about it. They said they are having better success than Vets and making a lot of money on top of it all. Do you have any knowledge or input on these systems? Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Samantha


I have shied away from using my bathing system as another groomer I talked to brought up points that made me uncomfortable. I have a homemade system of a pump sing the bathing beauty hose. I was interested in your responses. She said that if a dog has a skin issues that without flushing the pump after every use between dogs that bacteria or particles could be in the pump and could infect the next dog. She also said that even with weekly flushing sludge from the products develops in the pump causing bacteria to grow.
I really liked my system but this caused some concern for me. What are your thought?

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