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Governor presented evidence decides grooming is essential

Unemployment Application Warning

Unemployment Application Warning for Pet Groomers

I cannot say which states are involved but beware. This problem is happening according to reports from some groomers.

Unemployment eligibility can be very different for 1099 paid groomers compared to W-2 paid groomers. I have heard of W-2 groomers looking at unemployment applications and the forms ask if they are self-employed or paid by commission. The forms or instructions note if you check that box they are not likely eligible for unemployment. Wait!

The issue is HOW the commission is paid to you. W-2 (employed) or 1099 (self-employed). 

Just because commission system is used to calculate the wages doesn't make you self-employed. For example, sales people often get commission and in some places commission only compensation is still legal. They are self-employed and get 1099 forms with no payroll deductions.

W-2 groomers, you are going to have to make this clear if you check a box like that. Rather than asking HOW you are paid (W-2 or not) they can make the mistake of thinking you are self-employed on a commission basis. Unemployment offices can verify with your employer you are W-2, and perhaps you can show them a paycheck stub showing payroll deductions. 

Be careful and stay clear that you are NOT self employed. Even some of the employees of the unemployment office may get confused as not many W-2 wages are calculated by commission only. Grooming is kind of an exception. You are not self-employed if paid by W-2, and that is the point here to make clear with you unemployment agency.


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