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Everyone Has Gloves, Masks & Sanitizer for CV-19, Remember Zoonotic Diseases Too

It's always been a healthy measure to wear a mask. This thread reminded me of a groomer in our first issue of Magazine in 2011. She got a Zoonotic sinus infection Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and was seriously ill for a long time. Diane (article) is not the only groomer we know that has suffered from these type of infections. The magazine article can be read at

Diane visited THIRTY doctors and faced skepticism and 3 years to find a doctor to treat her effectively. "I have learned a lot since my infection. It has been an interesting journey. I have seen more than thirty doctors over the past three years—many of whom were skeptical of my symptoms. It took a year and a half to get a Pseudomonas diagnosis and three years to find a doctor who knew how to treat this type of infection. It has taught me how to be proactive and persistent."

Pseudomona dog ear

Quality UV light treatments last a long time and are a worthy investment even for vans today in addition to a proper mask. You treat your tools, surfaces and air quality killing 99% of the baddies.

Diane (article) mentions it led her to surgery and she lost much of her taste and smell. You can be disabled from even practicing your profession for some time. And if you don't have health insurance, it could be a terrible financial burden with loss of income, and cost of treatment. If a mask and UV can help prevent this, what a bargain. CV-19 is relatively nothing compared to Pseudomonas. Oh yes, don't forget the gloves with Pseudomonas (zoonotic diseases), they can be spread skin-to-skin.

Michigan Barber Reopened Early but License Pulled Wins Supreme Court Support 7-0


Great Lakes News reported on Facebook late Friday that the Court ruled unanimously in favor of the Owosso barber — a stunning decision, given the narrow 4-3 ideological split in favor of conservatives.

According to Great Lakes News, Manke’s attorney, David Kallman, called it the “biggest, most lopsided victory of his career.”

Whitmer and Nessel fined Manke and stripped him of his license after he repeatedly refused to close his business in defiance of Whitmer’s executive orders.

A Michigan Court of Appeals upheld that Manke’s license suspension was valid, but the Supreme Court decision reversed that.

Manke was defiant after the Appeals Court ruling and told WILX, “I’m still open, still working until they cut my hands off.”

He said the response during the protest and the support for his stand was “overwhelming,” and called himself “a Michigan small town barber that just wants to work.”

“This is an oppressive move on this governor’s part,” Manke said, observing that it “reflects almost a police state.”

“I refuse to stand down on this,” he said.

“I wasn’t this rock star three weeks ago,” Manke told Breitbart News, but Whitmer made him one.

He thanked God for the development.

“I’m still standing up. I still have that courage,” Manke said.