Will Groomers Ever Need to be Vocationally Licensed in Illinois? Maybe not.

According to suggested new legislation, hairstylists may never need to be licensed in Illinois in the future. If they let the public know beforehand they are not licensed, it could be OK to work as a hairstylist. Would this rule out mandatory licensing of groomers and stylists for animals. Could be. Learn more. CLICK HERE

Pet Grooming and Boarding Bill Leveling the Playing Field in Colorado

Senate Bill 20-142 (Colorado) is in committee. Hopes are high for its passage but chances are nowhere near high. Calida Troxell says, “They may kill it but people in my industry are being preyed upon by this body...getting this bill written is a huge step in-and-of-itself to just them know that we are starting to unite.” She is the owner of a grooming and boarding property. She says the Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA) has created a burden on many smaller independent operations like hers. Major providers such as Rover.com were able to become exempt from PACFA fees while independents like hers have not. She says S.B. 20-142 levels the playing field fairly for all service providers big and small governed under PACFA.

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