Corp stores operations at present with CV-19 prevention and stories of independent groomers

Here is an article that sums up at present what Petco and PetSmart are doing, and it seems most are open if not all. CLICK HERE

San Francisco Bay Area is under a shelter-in-place order through April 7, and non-essential business closures. Yet it seems some groomers are open, including corps. CLICK HERE

At GroomerTALK Message Board we are hearing most groomers are working, but certainly not all. We have discovered that in some areas pet stores and vets are considered essential services. Mobile grooming it seems has few issues if any, and you can see outdoor workers such as gardeners are working even in shelter in place areas. 

Will Groomers Ever Need to be Vocationally Licensed in Illinois? Maybe not.

According to suggested new legislation, hairstylists may never need to be licensed in Illinois in the future. If they let the public know beforehand they are not licensed, it could be OK to work as a hairstylist. Would this rule out mandatory licensing of groomers and stylists for animals. Could be. Learn more. CLICK HERE

Vet Care - First Ever Wearable Device Monitors Animal Health Through Their Fur

Groomers see pets with vet shaved spots through their fur all the time. Looks like instances like that will be fewer. 

Researchers from Imperial College London have invented a first-of-its-kind health tracking sensor for pets and people that can monitor vital signs through fur or clothing.

The new type of sensor, which can detect vital signs like heart and breathing rates through fur—and as many as four layers of clothing—could help make everyday wearables for pets and livestock a reality.

Such devices could help owners keep track of their pets’ health, and help vets monitor animals during surgery without the need for shaving. Want to learn more about this wonderful invention? CLICK HERE


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