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This is one of the most popular questions of career seekers. Of course to established groomers they know it is possible. However, one of the worst references when you get down to money can be government figures showing most groomers in the $20,000's for annual gross wages. Sure there are groomers in that range but one of the reasons the government figures tend to stick in that range is that to them pet bathers and groomers are the same. Of course most groomers earn higher annual incomes than bathers, and by lumping them together it depresses the broader range of of gross personal incomes of full charge groomers. For this reason, PetGroomer.com conducts annual surveys of pet groomers and we separate figures by job position as well as mobile versus shop groomers, and by regions of the USA too. To see the latest results in early 2019 check out the report at:


Go to page 49 for a chart of results. We hope this will give career seekers more realistic information. Remember you are looking at ranges from low to high as shown.

If you are going to own your business and not be an employee, we strongly suggest you write a formal business plan. You might need one for landlords or leasing agents if you want a commercial location, and if you are seeking bank loans, business plans are almost certain. We have DIY materials to write a truly professional plan customized to the our industry, or let us write your formal plan you can be especially proud to present. Nothing compares to our product called Business Plan Helper and Sampler.



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