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Let Groomers and Stylists Groom Uninterrupted in the "Zone" (AUDIO)

Fireside Chat:


Here is a subject the Grooming Business in a Box® team led by Madeline Ogle, author of From Problems to Profits: The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses often presented a seminar topic and slide presentation. Here we present a casual chat about this critical subject on the business side of grooming operations. As our business grew we were able to hire staff to assist with client relations. That meant groomers / stylists were not asked to do anything other than their styling. No phone interruptions, no customer relations interruptions other than to say hello or wave at clientele. Some got so much in the "zone" (focus) we didn't want to suddenly bother them or they might jump. Their attitudes were better, much better and confidence higher in their work. No frustrations from duties beyond the art of grooming.

More formal use and instruction of this critical profitability factor is part of the Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper and Sampler (user guide and digital files) available at Thousands of groomers (new and advanced) have written bank and investor ready professional business plans with this product and sought funding with them. It is the only grooming-specific product with 7 samples of "real" business plans with only the names and locations changed to protect client privacy.



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