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Here is a subject the Grooming Business in a Box® team led by Madeline Ogle, author of From Problems to Profits: The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses often presented a seminar topic and slide presentation. Here we present a casual chat about this critical subject for first time grooming employers.

Only the most raw newbies to the grooming industry don't know how difficult it is to find and keep professional grooming employees. It can be nerve wracking indeed. In fact we know people that came into the industry open commercial spaces suitable for 4 or more grooming workstations only to discover they never could fill those workstations with hired groomers. Ouch, that was a financial hit.

When you reach advanced level working with the "financial numbers" of grooming operations the numbers clearly, boldly tell a story. It's part of this fireside chat. One person businesses, wherein the owner decides to add their first grooming employee, should never hire another full-charge groomer first, and instead hire a professional bather and start building their bathing department. Yes this is the topic of a 2 to 3 hour seminar we used to present. The numbers tell the story. In fact, hiring another groomer and not a bather typically lowers the net operating income of the business by 25% a year. There is a time to hire another groomer/stylist, but not as your first employee in the grooming side of the operation.

More formal use and instruction of this critical profitability factor is part of the Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper and Sampler (user guide and digital files) available at Thousands of groomers (new and advanced) have written bank and investor ready professional business plans with this product and sought funding with them. It is the only grooming-specific product with 7 samples of "real" business plans with only the names and locations changed to protect client privacy. Refer to "The Mary Groomer" sampler for stunning financial proof of this opinion. We also suggest you read another publication with digital files, Pet Groomer Wage Systems, available using the same link. It is a complete review of several wage systems used in the U.S. today with financial comparisons, and in the end, you choose the system right for you. If there was ever a textbook to learn grooming compensation inside and out, how to compare systems, here it is.


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