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Easy new customer info in a social distancing environment - use intake forms online

We have been working with some groomers that work with us at Grooming Business in a Box®. Each is making up a new customer intake form that the new customer fills out before they arrive for their curbside intake. Customers can retrieve the form from the groomer's website and then submit it. The forms engine emails the grooming business owner a copy and stores a copy online for a period of time.

Do you want to take all of this new customer information over the phone? You need to groom! Why not create a new customer intake form that owners can complete and send to you electronically? If they cannot get to your website to fill out the form, email them a link to your form or attach the form in an email you send them. If possible ask them to send it at least 24 hours before their first appointment giving you time to review it, and save a copy too.

Forms information groomers often ask of pet owners includes:

Customer Contact Information
Their Veterinarian Information (contact)
Known Medical Conditions
Known Behavioral Issues (I know this one deserves some skepticism and humor, but good to show you requested it)
Names of pets and ages


Attachments: Let pet owners submit at least 1 picture of each pet

Vax info: Optional for some groomers, but as we know some groomers legally must have some evidence from pet owners of the pet vax status

Authorizations: Here is an optional idea. On the intake form state your grooming policies and provide a release and hold harmless statement for your grooming services.

Next on the form add a conditional statement "By clicking here (check box) you (pet owner) agree the information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge and acknowledge your agreement with the stated policies and hold harmless statement. ALERT! Remember this latter process should be reviewed by your attorney to ensure it is stated correctly to protect you and in conformity with YOUR state's consumer laws. EVERY state is different. You cannot have consumers sign away their legal rights based on consumer laws.

Online Forms Companies

There are many companies that automate this process but there is a monthly fee. Shop around. We do large volumes of forms with the Classified Ads and use We pay about $24 a month but you probably don't have such a large volume as we do. Shop around for a lower price. If you have a WordPress website for your business, there are many plug-ins available to assist you and likely cost much less. Maybe a freebie is out there?