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Wickie Ledford

July Pet of the Month

This is CiCi Duke.


She is a pound puppy and we have no clue whatsoever what she is a mix of but she has a soft thick undercoat similar to a pomeranian and wiry out coat as well. 

We start her out by bathing her with a nice, crisp shampoo to help the coat stay fluffed and a spray on conditioner, fluffing her by hand, not cage drying her at all. I add a but of Mousse to her head to make the hair stand a tad better but it really stays up well on its own.

The body is done with a snap-on comb. I use a zero in the summer and an A or B in the winter. The underline if the dog is so thick (she is a bit heavy in the body but we will not call her chubby) we have to take it to the skin and even on the sides, cut it in a bit to give her the illusion of shape.


The legs are shaped by being skimmed down with a comb two sizes longer than the body. I do not touch the skin, just skim the hair off and then add angulation (with a comb smaller than the body)above the hock and scissored to a point at the point of rump. The feet are beveled like a cocker and the legs scissored in. Her coat is so nice the scissoring is a piece of cake. Her back legs appear bigger than her front legs, but it the legs themselves not the length of hair. I measured three times to be sure.

CiCI3   CiCihead

Her head is easy to do. I tip the ears with a ten blade, a fingers width on the inside and outside. Then I scissor them to a sharp points, I do not take the hair out of the corners of the eyes with a blade, I use thinners to shape a diamond between the eyes into the stop and down the nose a bit. On the top and sides of the head, I use thinners to round it off, similar to a Westie, but shorter on top so that it doesn't fall into her eyes immediately after grooming.

We shape the tail by holding it out, allowing it to flag and trimming the ends with shears to remove anything that is not neat in appearance. Mom like it long and it suits her.


This clip can be done on any dog large or small and using the combs makes it a lot faster and easier to acheive the soft, teddy bear look she has when she's done. Have fun grooming!



She looks like a twin sister to my clients dog who is chow-poo! They know for sure because their neighbor left their standard poodle outside on ti-out and it got knocked up by a chow. They got one of the puppies.

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