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Thinking Outside the Box

Quite often I find that I need something for the shop, but am either unable to find or unable to afford, something made specifically for the grooming industry that will work to fill my current need. So I have learned to look, and "think outside the box" to make things work.

For example, recently I purchased a new (used) dryer and needed a wheeled stand for it to sit on. I could buy one from the manufacturor of the dryer, but it was expensive, shipping was going to be expensive, and there would be a time delay in having it to use. I found this at our local Walmart:

Kitchen cart

It has wheels, which allows us to move the dryer where we need it, and it has a drawer and storage that is enclosed, making it very versatile. The side that drops down is fantastic when using the dryer at the tu b because it allows you to have a place to site tools, sodas, phones, etc. The stand from the manufacturor did not have enclosed storage or a drawer.

We have a second dryer that is in a closet for noise control. The hose has always  been in the way, or on the floor, so I was trying to figure out a way to solve this annoying problem when I was in the garden center, looking for something (I cannot remember what) for my roses, and saw this:

Hose hanger

It is a hose hanger and it works perfectly to keep the hose to the dryer off the floor and out of the way.

Cabinet from advanced   Draqwer interior   Another drawer interior

The above photos are a cabinet I found being thrown away at an auto parts store. The two inserts are removable, and the drawers are in sections of 4 or 6. I labled the drawers and use it to store extra blades, clippers, tools. Pretty much everything we need to have extras of is stored neatly and hidden in this cabinet. The top of it is great for keeping charging stations on top os. This was free and I use it every day.

Bathing area

My tub is a showerstall that is elevated onto a sink cabinet. Much cheaper and extremely well made and perfect for dog bathing. It is shallow and as a result there is no bending over at all and no reaching.

My bathing systems are home made pressure washer type systems which are fantastic and much cheaper than the units we can purchase that are made for the industry. The smaller tank in fact is portable and battery operated. It charges overnight and makes it great for taking to grooming shows, home grooming or dog shows.

Bathing system 
The storage cabinets in my grooming room are wooden medicine cabinets. They allow me to store everything tucked away, not collecting hair and because they are wall mounted they are out of the way.


I use a wooden chest of drawers inthe grooming room for bandana storage and the top for blade and charging stations.  I found embroidery floss holders taht hold blades perfectly and I use quilts as wall hangings that double as sound baffles.

SO as you can see there are numerous things you can do "outside the box" and away from the catlogs that work just as well and are readily available for use int he salon. Anyone have enything they want to share? Drop me a comment!


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