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January's Featured Pet, Marley


Meet Marley, the Goldendoodle! I only groom one of them, and her dad drives all the way from Savannah to here, roughly 3 hours or so, to get her done.

He likes her shaggy, so all we do is shape her up with thinning shears. This is only the second haircut she has had because he had a hard time finding a groomer that would do something besides shave her down. Not sure why no one would do what he asked for, but he said they refused. She had been bathed and brushed, but not trimmed ever. She is 16 months old. Perfect on the table. Next visit she will look even better but I enjoyed working on her.


My technique is to treat her like a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I use the same thinning shear technique as I do on Wheatens and the "shake and fall" method of making the hair lay after combing. To do this, you shake one side of the body and let the hair on the other side fall where it wants. Then repeat on the other side. It makes the hair lay in a natural state and it can still be uneven, but lay properly. I use this technique on all types of coats, including poodles, and every thinning sheared dog. It is something I learned off an old SCWT video. It is wonderful to make the coats lay where they belong, not where I want them to.

At any rate, if all Goldendoodles behaved like this one, and had great owners, no groomer would dislike grooming them. I am grateful that both my large Doodles are well cared for, well mannered dogs.

Here's wishing you the same!



This sounds so interesting, as do all your articles. I would love to more about this. Do you have any more information on this technique?
Thank you,Cindy

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